Holistic Retreat To You

Holistic Retreat To You


No need to leave the comforts of your home to have an experience of a healing holistic retreat!! There is a minimum of 6 people. This retreat needs to be booked 1 week prior to date of party. This holistic retreat is $75 and includes:

- lavender lemonade, hot lavender and chai tea, cupcakes and cookies, and set up of each service. 

The first hour is a group session that includes:

-20 minute yoga- Get this party started with a balancing light yoga flow 

-20 minute sound healing- be lifted to another higher space and allow these divine frequencies to clear negative energies from your aura 

-20 guided meditation- journey to a higher space and experience a sense of peace within

Following the group session each person will start on the personal treatments that include:

-20 minute massage- a relaxing firm massage either a quick full body or focus on neck and back

-20 minute energy healing- Reiki, Access Bars, Cranial Scracal or another healing modality

-3 card Oracle trading or Palm Reading 

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